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This is the Kommunity for fans of Krysztof Nemeth's Pin-up Girls. Krysztof Nemeth himself can be found at charmed_art.

Krysztof Nemeth is a Seattle based artist specializing in fetish, gothic, retro, and low-brow kulture pin-up illustration. For the past ten years, Krysztof has been making a name for himself creating saucy pin-up girls for everything from bands to burlesque troupes, gallery shows to rock shows, and clothing stores to private commissions.

Taking cues from the historic masters of pin-up art, underground fetish illustrators, and cheesecake photography, Krysztof has developed a style that is sharp and clean, sensual and fun. Working primarily in black and white, the work Krysztof creates is strongly graphical in nature, composing in a near calligraphic manner, drawings that are wildly voluptuous and rich in depth. His girlie art is as fun as it is sexy, depicting an inherent sense of humor and playfulness in its ribald sensuality.

Krysztof’s pin-up girls have been featured in many magazines, including Skin Two, Secret, Fetish, and Gothic Beauty. This year, Krysztof was honored as an Invitational Artist to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, where he’s shown every year since its inception. Recently, Krysztof’s work has been shown at Seattle’s Roq La Rue, in the esteemed New York gallery Art@Large, and has been a featured artist at Pittsburgh’s Blue Ruin and Vancouver’s Tart Gallery events.

2006 brings many new opportunities for Krysztof’s pin-up work, and he continues to show in and around the Seattle area and beyond. Krysztof is available for commission work and gallery showing, and can be contacted at charmed@charm-school.com, or by visiting his website, Charm School Art & Design.